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Sridevi's first and last post on Instagram ❤️

Me and my teddybear 👫   April 19, 2015
February 22, 2018

Sridevi's first and last post on instagram. Always with her husband, film-producer Boney Kapoor. And wearing Manish Malhotra on both occasions i think...

Sridevi with Manish Malhotra over the years...

Pretty sure we have the comprehensive collection of images of Sridevi with Manish Malhotra, wearing his designs since the 1990s (and all the images of that here on this blog too!). Manish and Sridevi's friendship is one for the ages. Through thick and thin! Quite literally! Bless.

Sridevi on the sets of Gumraah (1993)

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Gorgeous, introspective Sridevi on the sets of Gumraah (1993).

Gumraah film producer (and father of Karan Johar) Yash Johar with his leading lady Sridevi on the sets of the song Yeh hai Sharaabkhana from Gumraah (1993)

Sridevi as a child artist

Sridevi as a child artist. Unlike a long history of child-artists who suffered immeasurably and didn't transition easily in their phases in life and career unto adulthood, Sridevi glided easily from child star, star, actress, superstar to legend. In her in-depth interviews, she professed that unlike others she wasn't forced into anything nor coerced. She worked hard and happily through every phase and regrets nothing. She consistently repeated this over interviews done over the 80s, 90s and 00s. Bless.

Sridevi in Deva Raagam (1996)

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Sridevi on the sets of the Malayalam film Deva Raagam (1996).

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